Thursday, January 6, 2011

Auckland, January 3 - 5

New Zealand car plate - who would ever know?
We arrived in Auckland Monday afternoon and had a wonderful time - seeing Auckland, ferrying to Waiheke Island, and dining at the top of the Sky Tower (the tallest building in the southern hemisphere) - all thanks to Brenda Perry.  Brenda is a friend, and was a colleague of Bart's during his WTA time.  She provided our lodging (in Auckland, where she lives, and on Waiheke, where she has a house), our transport, and was our tour guide  (seeing Auckland from many vantage points - including One Tree Hill, Kelly Tarlton's Antarctic Encounter, black sand beaches on the Tasman Sea, the Sky Tower and the Auckland Museum).
I think this view is from "One Tree Hill"
I kow the next one was taken at the Auckland Museum, where there are wonderful Maori artifacts, including a Marae with many totems supporting the roof.
Gannetts nesting on the cliffs of  Muriwai Beach on the west coast.
Brenda's house on Waiheke.
Beautiful Waiheke views and beaches.
And for some extra excitement, our car ferry made it only halfway back to Auckland before calling for help.
Here we are getting "tugged" in.
We finished the evening with dinner in the Orbit Dining Room atop the Sky Tower.
My toes are just edging onto the see-thru floor to take this picture.
The view from the tower.
Brenda invited some WTA friends too - Mariana (chair umpire), Melanie (supervisor), Brenda, Bart, and Cindy.

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