Saturday, September 15, 2012

Some Colorado Pictures

My post are so out of sequence.  I still have tall ships photos from San Diego.  They'll be the next batch. I just couldn't resist these fall photos.  On Thursday I hiked up from "the dredge" trailhead, crossing the Colorado trail several times.  It's named the dredge for this.
Yesterday I drove up Borreas Pass for beautiful aspen pictures.
Borreas Pass is just south of Breckenridge and driving back through Breck I saw  a fox!  It's my second fox of the summer, but the first one with a camera handy.
Today, Sunday, Keystone had a "rail jam" just to get ready for the snow season.
And the mountain bikers were out as well since this is the last weekend for the mountain bike park.
Henry, this could be you!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

USA Pro Cycling Challenge - August 23

Last week (when I started to write this - now it's at least 3 weeks ago)! Bart and I went to Leadville to watch Stage 4 of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge.  We camped there, rode our bikes on the Mineral Belt Loop Trail in the morning, dodged the rain and watched as the racers reached the Sprint Line in Leadville - they still had about an hour + to ride into Beaver Creek - having started in Aspen. 
On the Mineral Belt Trail.
Jens Voigt, stage winner and first to cross the Sprint Line.
The peloton.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lucy Visits Keystone

I'll have to catch up on previous activities later.  Now it's time to chronicle Lucy's Colorado adventure.
Cousins at A Taste of Keystone.
Bungee Trampolining.
This little biker has logged over 10 miles already.
Riding the chair lift...
to the top of Keystone Mountain.
Riding "Jefferson".
Dress-up time at the Frisco Historic Park.
Relaxing after beignets.
Cactus and Violet (even though she's white).