Friday, November 13, 2015

Havasu (Part I - Hiking in)

Started a great birthday week by joining an REI hiking and camping trip to the Supai reservation in the Grand Canyon.  Drove to Sedona 10/18 and hiked at Red Rock State Park.
 Then the next day we descended into the Grand Canyon. Here's the view from the top.
It was a 10 mile hike. Here we are about halfway there.
Mules and horses carried gear in both directions.  This looks like an empty load going up to the top to bring things down.
Nearing the bottom of the canyon, we stopped for lunch (4 miles to go to our campsite).

The twin brothers who look after the Havasupai. This is about 2 miles from our campsite.
Havasu Falls and only 1/2 mile left.