Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas

Lots of outdoor fun.

A walk in the woods near our Frisco, CO house.

At Copper Mountain after a day of skiing. Jil's girls (left to right, Tilly, Josie, Isa)

 A beautiful hike in Catalina State Park (Tucson). There was snow on the mountain that day.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Havasu (Part I - Hiking in)

Started a great birthday week by joining an REI hiking and camping trip to the Supai reservation in the Grand Canyon.  Drove to Sedona 10/18 and hiked at Red Rock State Park.
 Then the next day we descended into the Grand Canyon. Here's the view from the top.
It was a 10 mile hike. Here we are about halfway there.
Mules and horses carried gear in both directions.  This looks like an empty load going up to the top to bring things down.
Nearing the bottom of the canyon, we stopped for lunch (4 miles to go to our campsite).

The twin brothers who look after the Havasupai. This is about 2 miles from our campsite.
Havasu Falls and only 1/2 mile left.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Chaco Canyon and Abiquiu

On this last trip to Tucson, we spent 3 days in Chaco Canyon.
Pueblo Bonito

Fajada Butte

Casa Chiquita

Chetro Ketl

Casa Rinconada.  We were here for the fall equinox celebration at sunrise.

The view from our campsite.

We stayed in Abiquiu, NM the night before we drove to Chaco and visited Ghost Ranch (Georgia O'Keefe) and hiked up to Chimney Rock. at Ghost Ranch,

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Summer Hiking in Colorado

A snapshot look at some of our hikes this summer.
Lily Pad Lake (halfway between Frisco and Silverthorne - if you take the mountain trail route.

Shrine Ridge Pass (Vail Pass area). Flowers and snow within a half mile of each other.

Booth Falls Trail near Vail.

We topped out at 12,000' and then came down for the Continental Divide sign picture. Conor's in the hoodie and Kyle is the green shirt guy.

The next ones are all from the Bristlecone Pine Scenic Area.  It's about an hour south of Breckenridge at 11,700'.

Mt. Bross (14,172') is in the background.

If you look closely at the pine cone it's covered in a sugary like decoration.  They were really cool.

Friday, September 4, 2015

State College in June

Wow, I haven't caught up very well. Hiking at Shaver's Creek Environmental Center .

Enjoying a break with Liam on the one hot day at the Penn State Arboretum.

Penn State has some nice facilities outside of the classroom.  Now we just have to make it back there in the fall for a volleyball match.

The on the coldest and rainiest day we visited Penn's Cave.
A boat tour through a cave - it was fantastic!
Coming up - summer in the mountains.  Stay tuned.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Cooperstown, NY

On the way to Cooperstown, we stopped to see Alice's Restaurant church in Stockbridge , MA.

In Cooperstown, we stayed at the Landmark Inn, a lovely B&B.

Of course we went to the Baseball Hall of  Fame, and although not yet a Hall-of-Famer, my favorite.

We walked a lot, Lake Otsego was beautiful.

Next stop - State College.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Visiting Cape Cod in June

Out of order, I know but there are some cool pictures to post.
We spent over a week on Cape Cod, visiting friends and family. The next post will be about Cooperstown and the one after that, our family in State College, PA.  Keep checking.

Off to pick strawberries.
To Nantucket for a soccer game (Gus).
Bowling with Faye.
Wild turkeys.
The view from our friends' house in Orleans.
Coast Guard house at Coast Guard Beach in The Cape Cod National Seashore.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy July 4th!

More to come to post April, May and June highlights; but for now it all about the 4th of July in Frisco, Colorado.  Our parade was part kids on bikes, part local advertising, lots of tossed-out goodies and plenty of fun.

And what July 4th parade would be complete without a snow plow?