Monday, July 30, 2012

A Week in Santa Barbara

Horse show, softball, and the Landshark - a great week!
As you know from the Agreeable Sisters Lucy rode in her first horse show on my horse, Revlon (known in the show ring as "Buy Me Diamonds").
What a great picture of Henry and Lucy!
This horse show dad really got into the spirit of it all.
There was also a softball tournament in Goleta - here are a couple of pictures of Mae in action.  Those are some snazzy socks.
On Monday, Bart and I took Henry, Mae and Lucy out to breakfast (Sambo's) and then for a ride on the bus/boat (known locally as the Landshark. These guys look ready for an adventure.
After a trip around lower State Street, we hit the water.  We saw lots of pelicans and harbor seals.  We even saw dolphins, but couldn't get any pictures of them.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cape Cod

Cape Cod?  Yes, we were there almost a month ago - and last week's Santa Barbara post will come soon.  We're in Colorado now - David and Donna just arrived.  Back to Cape Cod.  We took a great dune trip outside of Provincetown and saw real dune shacks.  Remember the Maytrees?
A tennis lesson with Grandpa Bart.
Some face painting for Faye.
The finished product - a rainbow and butterfly.
Gus, getting ready for karate.