Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lake Dillon

Last weekend, we did some interesting walking toward the old town of Dillon,CO to see how far we could get.  Not very, it turns out - but a lot closer than ever before.  The lake level is rising, but was also very very low.  Before Dillon was moved it looked like a nice town down in a small valley.
From the Frisco side of the lake, near Swan Mountain Road, we found the road leading into old Dillon.  At first it wasn't too clear...
Then the old road emerged
Until it disappeared into the lake.
When we turned around to walk back to "shore" we could really see how much of the old road bed was exposed.  This is how far into the lake we could walk!  Our truck is parked by the buildings in the background.
Ok, so then we got a little nerdy and went to the Keystone end of the lake, near the other end of Swan Mountain Road and found the rode leading into old Dillon from that side (the lake is really low). The road bed was clear.
At the end of the road, or where it too disappeared into the water, there were some people fishing.
We were pretty far "into" the lake on this end too.
We have clearly seen the lake level rise significantly in the past 2 days.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Arrived in Colorado Friday

We left Tucson Thursday and stayed overnight in Albuquerque.  We passed the Run for the Wall group and then stopped at a rest stop just inside the New Mexico border where there were quite a few people and a fire truck awaiting their arrival.
Welcome to Keystone May, 2013.
Yes, that is snow!  So far, it's snowed every day.
Last night we went to see "Unmarried in America", which was terrific. When we left the theater we spotted 2 adult foxes and their 3 kits.  Iphone pics only (and it as getting dark), but you'll get the idea.
You have to look hard to see one of the babies, just to the left of an adult.
They seemed to be living in the back of the bus stop in Dillon.
By the way, our kitten was happy to be back in Colorado.