Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Campsite highlights from "Way Outback Tour"

We spent an unbelievable two and 1/2 days camping in swags in amazing places. A few campsite photos.
First night at Oak Valley.
Next night on the Finke River (which is only a river once in a while) - lucky us.
Notice the Red Gum Tree - it will have a significance soon.
Moon Rise
Not a great picture, but I was standing under the infamous tree to take this photo.
Then we all settled by the fire to eat dinner and chat for a while, when we heard something fall out of the tree.  It didn't sound like a branch, so our guide took a torch and --warning, Jil, you may not want to read any further-- this is what we discovered had fallen.
It's a Carpet Python. Officially it's a Centralian Carpet Python (the reddish/orange coloration).
We moved our swags closer to the fire and out from under the tree, and next morning - the view west from my swag.
The view east.
I'll put up some more pictures tomorrow.

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