Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Pleasure of Airline Travel - QANTAS Style

I can't resist posting about flying domestically in Australia.  After checking in and getting our boarding passes (sometimes with one ID and sometimes with no ID), we put our boarding passes (and IDs, if we had used them) away. Then we go through security with our shoes and jackets on, a couple of water bottles, some olive oil and sometimes a freezer gel pack keeping our wine cold - yes, all in carry-on bags.

At the gate, we're asked to enjoy the flight and handed complimentary headsets and newspapers.
As we board the plane, we're greeted by name and welcomed to the flight.

During the flight we are always given a meal (free, of course). On short flights it's only a sandwich, not a hot meal - but we're not complaining.  We're reminded to recycle, and advised how much recycling Qantas does in a year. Actually, this hot quiche was served on a 1 hour flight between Melbourne and Sydney.
And then, as we're leaving, the flight crew (all of them - pilot, first officer, stewards) line up to thank us for flying with them and wish us a pleasant day.
I almost forgot to mention that when we buy our tickets we are asked if we want to offset the emissions that we use by contributing to Qantas's carbon neutral fund (the amount is usually between $1 and $3 per person per flight).

And PLEASE check out the All Blacks' u tube video.  It's not just Qantas that makes flying fun!  In case you're wondering, the safety video is for real - we saw it flying to, and flying from Auckland. 

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  1. That is the GREATEST safety video ever! I want Chance to get a job with Qantas. Too funny.