Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday in Aspen and Snowmass

We came to Snowmass for the weekend to see the Snowmass Balloon Festival, but as you know it has been raining in Colorado for days - weeks maybe so all the liftoffs were cancelled.  There was a night light up, even though all the balloons stayed on the ground.  Hardly anything to complain about though, considering eastern Colorado.
 There was a hint of a sunrise this morning, but that as all.
So we went to Aspen, where even construction is beautiful.
We walked along the Rio Grande Trail and visited the John Denver Sanctuary
.Then we decided to go to the grand tasting at the Snowmass Wine Festival.  I met up with the Rex Goliath mascot.
There also was a Ferrari Festival with lots of them.
I almost forgot - the emergency vehicles here are quite distinct - not your normal red fire truck!
Love these next 2 pics - same balloon, with and without the burners on.

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