Monday, August 30, 2010

Two Days in Provence

We left cloudy, overcast Paris on Thursday for sunny, warm Provence.  We had a nice time Thursday evening with Claude and Marie-Helène, then spent Friday and Saturday (up to the wedding) being tourists.
The first picture is taken at Saint-Paul de Mausole, in St. Remy-du-Provence - the asylum where Van Gogh spent about 2 years.  If you click on VanGogh, you'll get an idea of how many of his famous paintings were done while he was here-sorry that it's a French website.
We did see a re-creation of this room.

On Saturday we visited Les Beax de Provence, where there is a large cave/quarry, now known as the Cathédrale d'Images, that is used for spectactular visual shows.  Last year we saw a Picasso exhinit there and this year the theme was Australia.  Absolutely perfect!  It covered the entire continent, including the New Year's celebration in Sydney Harbour - Hooray!

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